Air suspension control system Air Logic 
New air suspension control system Air Logic PRO. Easy operation and complete automation of the entire air suspension system is ideal for everyday use. Huge system configuration options, connection of a wide variety of components will satisfy any user. We took into account many years of experience in the field of air suspension, user reviews, and modern requirements for functionality.
Контроллер пневмоподвески Air Logic PRO


For everyday car use. Simple operation and nothing extra.
For installation on commercial vehicles. Automatic adjustment of the clearance if you change the load.
Stance and other tuning projects. Precise setting of the clearance and the maximum lowering of the car.
Alternative to the standard control unit. More features for managing and configuring the system.
Fully automatic maintenance of clearance . Autonomous operation without controls.


Air suspension control

  • Constant full control of the height sensors.
  • High accuracy of setting the clearance in the parking lot and ride.
  • Automatic clearance adjustment based on the current situation and conditions.
  • Flexible configuration of tracking parameters and clearance adjustments.
  • Manual clearance control over the entire range of suspension.
  • Select from five preset positions at the touch of a button.
  • Informative indication of operating modes.
Speed monitoring*

  • Ability to monitoring the speed of the car.
  • Automatic change of clearance depending on speed.
  • Changing the characteristics of the clearance adjustment depending on the speed.
  • Limit manual control modes at high speed.
* The ability to use this feature depends on the specific vehicle. You may need to use additional devices to read the speed signal if it is not possible to read it directly.
Engine start monitoring

  • Monitoring the engine start- up time to extend the battery life.
  • Reducing the load on the battery at the time of engine start by prohibiting the operation of the pneumatic system compressor.
  • Monitoring the system and being ready for operation immediately after starting the engine.
Compressor control

  • Control of both conventional compressors and compressors from standard air suspension systems.
  • Control of the dehumidifier purge valve or the compressor discharge valve.
  • Flexible setting of compressor on and off pressures in the range of 0-300 psi.
  • Protection against overheating by the compressor temperature sensor.
  • Protection against overheating by worktime compressor.

  • A wide range of operating modes and hardware configurations.
  • Possibility to control different types of valves.
  • Working with an air suspension mounted on one or two axles of the car.
  • You can access the settings via the control button , the display on the control unit, or via a connected PC.
  • Easy software update via PC when new versions are released.
  • Downloading new firmware from the official site.

  • The ability to install a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Board for connecting wireless devices.
  • Operation via the app in your smartphone or Android Car Audio.
  • Operation via a wireless remote control.
** Options are under development.


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To order a controller kit, fill out the form on the right. Select the required configuration of the controller.
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Complect: ECU, control switch, pressure sensor 300 psi, temperature sensor, light sensor, 4 height sensors*, wiring for connection.

* depends on the selected configuration


Kit Air Logic PRO with height sensors ---

Kit Air Logic PRO without height sensors ---

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